Weekly Photography Challenge: Good Morning


I just snapped this photo for this week’s photo challenge…

Every morning, before the kids are up, I sit at my computer with my coffee. It is my quiet way to start the day. I check the weather, my emails, and yes, Facebook. It is also when I write my blog, and work on other writing.



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Writer, photographer, teacher, mom, finding her way one magical moment at a time.

40 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Good Morning

  1. Me too! Email, blog, FB fan page to see how many new “likes” I’ve hopefully gotten, editing photos, etc. The morning before everyone else wakes up is the perfect time for it all.

    Great photo too, couldn’t leave without saying that 🙂

  2. Sometimes I wish the comments page were set up like Facebook, so I could “like” your comments – because I do. 🙂 Thank you for your flattering and thoughtful feedback. I am grateful.

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