Not so long ago…


A box of old negatives prompted questions from my children: “What is that?”

Even though I resisted digital photography (in SLR format, at least), until it was becoming difficult to buy film, it still seems ancient to me now. How quickly I have adapted to having instantaneous representations of my pictures on the back of my camera. And yet, it wasn’t so long ago that I was buying film, making educated guesses about f/stops and shutter speeds, and then holding my breath while the film was being developed.

Digital photography helped me rediscover a passion when my children were old enough to allow me a few minutes to myself. But sometimes I miss the slowness of film, and the more deliberate thought it required. Then again, digital photography has helped me expand my knowledge in ways I never would have imagined.

But I hold onto these negatives; I could never part with this part of my past, this beginning of my photography.


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Writer, photographer, teacher, mom, finding her way one magical moment at a time.

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