Lake Glass!

lake glassWe were walking along the shore of the lake and my son called out to me that he had found sea glass.  I thought for sure it was a jagged piece of glass, leftover from a broken bottle, but in his hand was a softened, sanded piece of “sea” glass.  I could believe it.

When we left the Maritimes, I thought I was leaving my sea glass searching days behind.  Yet here was a piece of glass so similar to sea glass I’d never know the difference.  And if there was one, there must be more.

Sure enough, as we walked we spotted more.  I came home with a small handful of glass, including a yellow piece, to add to my collection.

It may not be from the sea, but it’ll do.


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One thought on “Lake Glass!

  1. That’s wonderful to know that your sea glass collecting days are not over! I’ve found sea glass in the Lake District and as there’s not the force of the sea waves, the pieces are often bigger and any detail is more crisply defined, like on that fabulous yellow piece of yours!

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