Patterns from the Past 

Behind a bookshelf in what was once my sisters’ room, this floral wallpaper is a remnant of our childhood. Faded and discoloured by sunlight and time, it is a memory of a little girls’ room.

Matching paper lined the walls of my room, the flowers a cornflower blue. The paper was chosen and applied by our mother; we each had a bedspread to match, crocheted by our Memere.  These were the rooms we played Barbies in, made friendship bracelets, and spent hours with a phone glued to our ears.  These rooms were where we giggled late into the night during sleepovers, where we told our secrets to our locked diaries.  They were also the rooms my sisters and I would sometimes make a bed on the floor so we could all be in one.

The shelf that revealed the wallpaper is now in my daughter’s room.  This paper will be peeled and sanded away to prepare for a quiet shade of cream that better suits my parents’ house these days.  But for a little while, we are reminded of the sweetness of a moment in time.



Published by Wildflowers & Wings

Writer, photographer, teacher, mom, finding her way one magical moment at a time.

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