Craft Fair Angst

In order to sell my photography, I participate in occasional craft fairs and markets. I love prepping for these: selecting and editing photos, printing and pasting to create transfers; making signs and price labels; packing and organizing. Setting up is its own creative process, displaying photos in an appealing way. Even choosing my outfit for the day.

The actual selling, though, is another story.

It is completely out of my comfort zone to sell. I’m confident in what I’m selling; the trouble is, I find it really hard to exude that confidence. I’d much rather hide behind the display than talk about what’s on it.

The day can also be really long and lonely.

Since I’m single, I do this all on my own. Carry in, set-up, sell, carry out. Given, it would be unreasonable to expect anyone to sit with me all day, since it is my thing. But somehow, sitting there by myself highlights my aloneness, in my mind. Maybe it’s seeing other vendors with their significant others. Or seemingly so many couples out enjoying the weekend. Or maybe I just get bored and think too much.

The last market I did was 8 hours long. There were moments I swore I’d never do another one. But then some sales spurred me on, and besides, what else would I do with all these transfers I’ve created? There’s only so much room in my basement.

And so I’ve committed to a summer of Saturdays. Of standing outside my safe space. Of stepping out, in spite of myself.

Because it also means photographing and creating and planning, and that means it’s worth it.


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