Searching for Subjects

It feels as though I’ve photographed everything in the house. I’ve gathered kitchen tools, musical instruments, books, my collection of sea glass, and even bathroom supplies.  In my quest for new subjects, I’ve photographed items in my parents’ basement and have considered bringing my camera to work. One day this winter, I captured this pieceContinue reading “Searching for Subjects”

Sand and Stones

When winter drags on (and on), I have to get creative to find subjects to photograph.  It will be weeks before the snow melts and we are able to see the sand on the shorelines.  So I lose myself in indoor activities:  reading, knitting, writing, and making pictures. This weekend, I played with sand andContinue reading “Sand and Stones”

How this Happened

I brought my camera to my parents’ house when we went over for supper on Sunday.  I had been wanting to for awhile, to wander through my dad’s workshop and my mom’s sewing room to see what sort of art I could find.  I never did make it to the sewing room, as I gotContinue reading “How this Happened”

One Thing Leads to Another

I have a small collection of vintage cameras, one of which is this art deco Kodak Bantam Special: I started off photographing it as is, admiring its cool retro style. Then I decided to open it up – I wasn’t sure if I ever had – and see what I could capture of the lensContinue reading “One Thing Leads to Another”

A Mermaid’s “Tale”

It seems that as soon as the calendar turns to a new year, I begin looking forward to spring. Spring means eventually the (several feet of) snow will melt and I will be able to find my way back to the beach again. Since I can’t get to the beach to search for sea glass,Continue reading “A Mermaid’s “Tale””

Sweet Find

I found this book accidentally at the secondhand book shop and couldn’t resist picking it up.  I’ve got it on my bookshelf now, but first I had to take a few shots. The first picture was almost an accident:  I set up my tripod with my macro lens, and focused on where I had leftContinue reading “Sweet Find”

One Magical Morning

On Sunday morning, the trees looked like this: We had had freezing rain the day before, and the angle of the sun was lighting up the thousands of tiny frozen drops.  I hadn’t even noticed at first, having had my coffee and done some marking for school.  Then, when I was doing dishes, I lookedContinue reading “One Magical Morning”

Supermarket Bouquet

When the months get colder and the snow has covered summer’s garden, I shop for inspiration. Inexpensive supermarket flowers make for many photos.  I could not stop taking pictures of this pretty bouquet that I picked up the other day. They didn’t look like much, stuck in a vase.  Some of the petals were curledContinue reading “Supermarket Bouquet”

Cactus on a Beach

I will go to the beach until I can no longer go to the beach. Wind, rain, cold – they don’t stop me.  Only when the snow covers the ground for the winter and makes climbing down to my favourite beach treacherous do I stop for the season. On this bright, crisp, sunny day IContinue reading “Cactus on a Beach”