Craft Fair Angst

In order to sell my photography, I participate in occasional craft fairs and markets. I love prepping for these: selecting and editing photos, printing and pasting to create transfers; making signs and price labels; packing and organizing. Setting up is its own creative process, displaying photos in an appealing way. Even choosing my outfit forContinue reading “Craft Fair Angst”

Tattooed on My Mind

I have a tendency to pick things apart. As a photographer, this is can be a good quality: attention to detail means I can find a subject for a photo almost anywhere. It’s also useful for my job as a teacher, noticing student mood and behaviour, and for marking their work. This quality makes meContinue reading “Tattooed on My Mind”

Sand and Stones

When winter drags on (and on), I have to get creative to find subjects to photograph.  It will be weeks before the snow melts and we are able to see the sand on the shorelines.  So I lose myself in indoor activities:  reading, knitting, writing, and making pictures. This weekend, I played with sand andContinue reading “Sand and Stones”

One Magical Morning

On Sunday morning, the trees looked like this: We had had freezing rain the day before, and the angle of the sun was lighting up the thousands of tiny frozen drops.  I hadn’t even noticed at first, having had my coffee and done some marking for school.  Then, when I was doing dishes, I lookedContinue reading “One Magical Morning”

Supermarket Bouquet

When the months get colder and the snow has covered summer’s garden, I shop for inspiration. Inexpensive supermarket flowers make for many photos.  I could not stop taking pictures of this pretty bouquet that I picked up the other day. They didn’t look like much, stuck in a vase.  Some of the petals were curledContinue reading “Supermarket Bouquet”

Cactus on a Beach

I will go to the beach until I can no longer go to the beach. Wind, rain, cold – they don’t stop me.  Only when the snow covers the ground for the winter and makes climbing down to my favourite beach treacherous do I stop for the season. On this bright, crisp, sunny day IContinue reading “Cactus on a Beach”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 23: Harmony

Zen Life On the beach, I search for sea glass, drift wood, and circular rocks.  I am drawn to curves and softened edges, items that have grown more beautiful from friction, from change. Perhaps it is my Libra nature, but I am also drawn to balance. These circular rocks represent harmony for me.  Their shape,Continue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 23: Harmony”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 19: Change

The first “flowers” of spring:  dandelions. They pop up along foundations, between crevices in sidewalks, bordering curbs.  They are the first splashes of colour, and then they, too, disappear.  Seemingly overnight, they change into fluffs of white, pompoms dotting the fields.  A breeze picks up the pollen and sends it on to new destinations. ChangeContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 19: Change”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 15: Awareness

Art Everywhere There is potential for art in so many places. In the winter months (and in Northern New Brunswick, it still looks very winter-y outside my window!), I find this most challenging.  Gardens and beaches and backyards are my go-to for photography.  While there are plenty of beautiful possibilities in the snow, I muchContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 15: Awareness”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 13: Beauty

Beauty, Unexpected Fresh flowers are beautiful, without question. There is a certain allure that comes with age as well.  Forgotten flowers, with their papery petals and crinkled edges, are no less beautiful.  Faded hues turn sepia and thin  veins become more evident.  Their layers are compressed, holding on to the last drops of moisture, the lastContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 13: Beauty”