Mindless Mode

Sometimes all you need… is a little mindlessness. At least, that’s how it turned out for me this week. I practice mindfulness regularly : I journal, meditate, do yoga, try to eat healthy, and remind myself to be in the moment. I read more than I watch tv, enjoy learning new things, and try toContinue reading “Mindless Mode”

All Bark and No Bite

Sometimes I forget I have a blog.  Life takes over, and before I know it, weeks (sometimes, months) have gone by without an entry. No matter how hectic things get, however, I never stop taking pictures.  My camera never gets put away. In the backyard of the home I grew up in, there is aContinue reading “All Bark and No Bite”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 26: Stillness

Life is never truly still. Slight movements surround us, always.  There are interruptions to our meditations, sounds and distractions.  Breath means movement. While practicing using my neutral density filter, I left my camera focused on the pool for a few minutes to go help my son clean the car.  I had just tripped the shutterContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 26: Stillness”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 14: Connection

Connecting the Years In my daughter’s collection of doll clothes are a few items kept from my childhood. This tiny embroidered dress is one of them; I can clearly remember dressing my own dolls in it when I was her age. I’m happy I kept it.  It somehow connects her childhood with mine, the yearsContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 14: Connection”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 11: Balance

Balancing Act My daughter wanted to do a photo shoot with her American Girl Doll, Rosie.  In one of the shots, the doll is literally balanced on a bicycle. Life and parenting are a lot about balance:  Time spent between work and family, between taking care of the house and taking care of the children,Continue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 11: Balance”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 6: Love

In honour of Valentine’s Day, I decided to switch this week’s theme with one I had planned to do in a few weeks:  Love. Love is a Pink Door We recently redecorated our master bedroom:  new bedding, new lighting, and new paint.  The walls are now a soft grey, the quilt a quiet cream.  IContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 6: Love”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 2: Gratitude

Coming Home There are so many things I am grateful for:  being surrounded by family and friends; having finally settled into a job that I love; a yoga practice that enriches and strengthens me; books that let me slip away; and little things like coffee and chocolate…  But when I started thinking about what IContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 2: Gratitude”

This is What Christmas Feels Like

Christmas is about the anticipation, the preparation.  It’s about all things glittery and bright, lights shimmering in the night.  It is small hands hanging treasures on the tree, a chorus of words we sing from memory.  Christmas is savory and sweet, sparkling drinks and crackling heat.  It music and memories, laughter and stories.  Christmas isContinue reading “This is What Christmas Feels Like”

Into the Woods

Some days my son disappears into the woods. Armed with nothing but his imagination and sense of adventure, he heads into the woods behind my parents’ house, often with his cousins and friends.  He’s done this on gorgeous summer days, drizzly evenings, and crisp snowy mornings. I’m never exactly sure what he does there, norContinue reading “Into the Woods”

Once a Maritimer…

This summer we came home. After a year in Ontario, a move we made to be closer to “opportunities” for ourselves and our children, we have returned to the Maritimes once and for all. As it turns out, the opportunities we sought were neither abundant nor worthwhile.  Instead, we have chosen to come back toContinue reading “Once a Maritimer…”