Lessons from the Sea

Every walk on the beach is a healing experience. Yesterday I was not myself. I hadn’t slept. The 35°c heat translated to 28°c in my classroom. With windows that don’t open and a room full of teenagers, it felt like about 40 degrees, and I spent my teaching day battling a headache. I was crankyContinue reading “Lessons from the Sea”

Wildflowers, or Weeds?

No sooner had I decided to change my blog name to Wildflowers & Wings when this happened: My backyard neighbour asked if I could keep my weeds to myself. I live in a subdivision, houses on all sides of me, but my backyard is relatively spacious. Because it’s a lot of work, and because I’dContinue reading “Wildflowers, or Weeds?”


This Thanksgiving, I am grateful… For a drive through the mountains of northern NB, covered with trees green and gold. For heavy rain on a misty lake. For a potluck turkey dinner with family crowded into a camp. For a walk in the woods, breathing in the earthy scent of fall. For making memories withContinue reading “Thanksgiving”

All Bark and No Bite

Sometimes I forget I have a blog.  Life takes over, and before I know it, weeks (sometimes, months) have gone by without an entry. No matter how hectic things get, however, I never stop taking pictures.  My camera never gets put away. In the backyard of the home I grew up in, there is aContinue reading “All Bark and No Bite”

Sand and Stones

When winter drags on (and on), I have to get creative to find subjects to photograph.  It will be weeks before the snow melts and we are able to see the sand on the shorelines.  So I lose myself in indoor activities:  reading, knitting, writing, and making pictures. This weekend, I played with sand andContinue reading “Sand and Stones”

One Magical Morning

On Sunday morning, the trees looked like this: We had had freezing rain the day before, and the angle of the sun was lighting up the thousands of tiny frozen drops.  I hadn’t even noticed at first, having had my coffee and done some marking for school.  Then, when I was doing dishes, I lookedContinue reading “One Magical Morning”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 25: Texture

Around here, it is not unusual to see ATVs rolling by at the beach.  The expanse of shoreline and lack of crowds make it possible to travel the shoreline this way.  For a moment, the quiet of the beach might be interrupted by the passing of a driver; however, it is a moment only andContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 25: Texture”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 18: Nature

Forsythia and Other Garden Discoveries Until very recently, I had no idea what grew in my garden. We moved here in the fall, when I was starting a new teaching position and spent all my spare time unpacking and planning.  There was no time to explore the yard, and soon the plants were buried inContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 18: Nature”

Two Pink Doors

Two pink doors, side by side, simply begged to be photographed. For starters, I have always been drawn to the colour pink.  Pink in any shade appeals to me:  coral, champagne, or watermelon.  So when I spotted these doors, the only logical thing to do was to make a picture. They are almost perfect symmetry, twinContinue reading “Two Pink Doors”