This Thanksgiving, I am grateful… For a drive through the mountains of northern NB, covered with trees green and gold. For heavy rain on a misty lake. For a potluck turkey dinner with family crowded into a camp. For a walk in the woods, breathing in the earthy scent of fall. For making memories withContinue reading “Thanksgiving”

Easing Up

Two lanes cut into one, just before the busiest intersection in town. They are doing roadwork, and it seems to be taking forever. As much as possible, I avoid the area. It’s preferable to drive an extra ten minutes around than to sit and crawl along with the backed-up traffic. But the part that madeContinue reading “Easing Up”


We’ve recently returned from a fun but busy trip to Orlando.  We managed five parks in six days, and hit almost every ride we had on our to-do list.  It was both exhilarating and exhausting. I had brought my camera with me, hoping to take lots of pictures.  I had visions of capturing endless detailsContinue reading “Poolside”

Snow in New Brunswick

It’s been some time since I’ve posted.  I seem to have gotten out of the habit of updating my blog sometime around the craziness before Christmas. Since I took a few pictures while I was in NB over the holidays, I thought I’d go back a bit and share some of them with you.  TheseContinue reading “Snow in New Brunswick”

Weekly Photography Challenge: Boundaries

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.” A line between the road and the water, a guard between the drive and the drop.  Guard rails provide a boundary to keep us safe, to guide our way.

Lake Shells?

How did I not know that lakes could have shellfish? Living in the Maritimes for my entire life until this point (save a spell in Japan a number of years ago), I honestly thought shellfish only came from the sea.  Sitting on the beach at Sandbanks National Park this summer, though, I discovered broken piecesContinue reading “Lake Shells?”

Pretty Poison

It is hard to believe that something so pretty can be so poisonous. Along many roads in Ontario, wild parsnip grows abundantly.  We’ve warned the children about it, reminded ourselves to keep an eye out when we walk among plants.  Now, these golden weeds are drying out for fall.  Their starburst-like shape makes for prettyContinue reading “Pretty Poison”

Ontario Inspiration

I will always miss the coastlines of New Brunswick, but there is plenty of inspiration in Ontario. In fact, being in a new place is providing for many photo opportunities.  Especially when you keep your eyes open. There are several spots to pull off Bath Road outside Kingston to enjoy the view of the lake. Continue reading “Ontario Inspiration”