(Vintage) Paper Prints

I had this idea to print my photos on vintage papers, so I’d been gathering items found in my parents’ basement and the second hand shop. This is one of many that I’ve done so far: “Haley’s Comet.” My dad had these old copies of the trail of Haley’s Comet from the ’80s so IContinue reading “(Vintage) Paper Prints”


Even though I’m not in school anymore, I still like to take notes, highlight, and tag pages when I’m reading. I usually have some project of my own on the go. Lately, I’ve been planning (not micro-planning, though – no strict schedule for me) for our trip to Disney. I’ve taken notes about tips, highlightedContinue reading “Planning”

List Maker

I love to make lists. Apparently, I always have, because I found this in that old binder, too. It organizes my day, my life in tasks. Motivates me to get things done. Inspires me to create. It is a visual reminder of what I would like to do and what I have done. Finding thisContinue reading “List Maker”

Weekly Photography Challenge: Object

Blue typewriter, found at a yard sale by my mother-in-law many years past. How many stories were tapped out on its keys? I love its retro colour and its potential for fun photo compositions. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/photo-challenge-object/#more-68154

Ten Memorable Moments of 2013

1. Travel. Taking the kids to Cuba for the second year in a row, splashing around in the warm ocean and visiting historical Havana. 2. Birthdays. Celebrating another year with the people I love most. 3. Dancing. Watching my daughter on stage; watching my children dance around the house with pure abandon. 4. Quiet days.Continue reading “Ten Memorable Moments of 2013”

I’ve Been Published!

I opened the paper this morning, and there I was! I had recently submitted a Christmas story to our local paper, The Northern Light, and had no idea whether it would make it into the Christmas stories section. Not only did it make it in, but I got my own headline, too! Here is theContinue reading “I’ve Been Published!”

My Scrapbook of Words

I love words. In fact, I love words so much that I collect them. Every now and then, the kids and I sit down with some old magazines and cut them apart. For them, it is a creative mishmash of random details that become otherworldly creatures. For me, it is a scavenger hunt for juicyContinue reading “My Scrapbook of Words”

Weekly Photography Challenge: Good Morning

I just snapped this photo for this week’s photo challenge… Every morning, before the kids are up, I sit at my computer with my coffee. It is my quiet way to start the day. I check the weather, my emails, and yes, Facebook. It is also when I write my blog, and work on otherContinue reading “Weekly Photography Challenge: Good Morning”