Made for Summer


I closed my eyes for a minute at the beach yesterday.

The wind from earlier in the day had died; my kids were in the trailer; it was just me and the Bay of Chaleur.

So I sat down in my fold-up chair, stretched out my legs into the sun, and closed my eyes. The only sounds were the gentle swishing of the water as it lapped the shore and the occasional laughing gull. I breathed in the sweet salt air and let the warmth of the sun feed my soul. Too soon, summer will be over (somebody, please slow it down!), and these things will be but a memory and a wish.

I believe I was made for summer.


Slowing Down


It’s easy to appreciate all the pretty stuff…  Gardens, sunsets, or ocean views. 

More of a challenge, though, is to notice the way the sun catches the light in my daughter’s hair or the sheets snapping on the clothesline on a windy day.  It requires slowing down and paying attention not just to what is happening around me, but to those tiny details that make life beautiful.  My camera helps me to do this, sometimes, but I also try to look for them even when not making pictures.

I am a firm believer that there can be beauty even in a seemingly uninteresting scene. 

In this blog, I will explore moments like these.  Posts are intended to be brief, so you can experience them in a minute or two and maybe share some of those small details that you’ve noticed, as well.

Minute Moments

into the trees

If I’ve learned one thing in my 38 years on this incredible planet, it’s that I need to appreciate life’s little details.  It’s what grounds me and what calms me.  It’s what calls to me when I write.  It’s also the basis of my photography (I run and Etsy shop called Sand and Petals). 

Whether it’s the light through the window, the glitter in the sand, or the giggles from my children, taking a minute to wonder at little miracles is what it’s all about.

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating these minute moments.

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