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I have a bin with old cameras, lenses, and filters.¬† I only sort of knew what was in there, having been given a few over the years, and never having had a close look at some of the smaller items. Yesterday, while trying to find my Gorillapod, I started opening the cases to see whatContinue reading “View Master”

Fun with Filters While photographing filters for my “Camera Bag” page, I decided I liked the way the light and colour were reflected on the surface I was using. So I had fun making some abstract shots using filters, a mirror, and the background¬†(a potted plant). On a rainy day, even photography equipment can make for interestingContinue reading “Fun with Filters”

Weekly Photography Challenge: Reflections

A frosted window with a blurred view to the outside, and a reflection of the colours from inside creates an abstract composition.