Mindfulness Challenge Week 12: Perspective

Salt Photography is all about perspective (as is life). Mundane objects can become surreal art through a macro lens.  Tiny details, normally overlooked, take on new possibilities when studied and appreciated. The morning sun on the kitchen table changes colours, creates reflections, and lights up salt shakers.  Suddenly, salt is art. Salt is also anContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 12: Perspective”

Capturing the Light

A pretty chandelier caught my eye while out shopping with my family.  It was perfect for the master bedroom – glittery glass pendants and shiny, embossed brass. The circular patterns caught my eye first; the shadows cast across my ceiling, second. A simple addition (a sale item, too!) quickly became an unexpected inspiration to capture withContinue reading “Capturing the Light”

Abstract in the Woods

Below the trees, where the light barely reaches, the melted snow had created a small pond.  Part ice and part water, the trees reflected here and there. It is a natural abstract.


While standing in my kitchen, I first noticed the tiny new growth on this money tree.  With the light above the plant and the darkness of the living room as a backdrop, it made for some beautiful contrast.  I grabbed my camera and captured a few shots while supper cooked.

Through the Window

When it’s cold, I often take pictures of the outside, from the inside. With my zoom lens and some selective positioning, it is possible to create some interesting compositions.  This shrub is actually an odd shape and wouldn’t make great photos standing directly in front of it.  But when looking at it from inside, itContinue reading “Through the Window”

Shopping for Antiques

My husband and I love shopping in antiques shops. Lately, I had been looking for an old drawer/basket/suitcase to hold my cards at the next craft fair I am getting ready for.  There was no shortage of containers, but they were all too small, too big, too round, or too expensive.  Just when I hadContinue reading “Shopping for Antiques”

Two Tin Tubes

At the bottom of the steep hill that is Fort Henry, there are random (to me, anyway) construction items resting on the grass. These two warped and rusted culverts may have been used at some time; to me, they were a photo opportunity.