Into the Woods

Some days my son disappears into the woods. Armed with nothing but his imagination and sense of adventure, he heads into the woods behind my parents’ house, often with his cousins and friends.  He’s done this on gorgeous summer days, drizzly evenings, and crisp snowy mornings. I’m never exactly sure what he does there, norContinue reading “Into the Woods”

Abstract in the Woods

Below the trees, where the light barely reaches, the melted snow had created a small pond.  Part ice and part water, the trees reflected here and there. It is a natural abstract.

Through the Window

When it’s cold, I often take pictures of the outside, from the inside. With my zoom lens and some selective positioning, it is possible to create some interesting compositions.  This shrub is actually an odd shape and wouldn’t make great photos standing directly in front of it.  But when looking at it from inside, itContinue reading “Through the Window”

What Fall Should Be

This week has been absolutely gorgeous. It is November, and we have had temperatures of 17 and 18 degrees celcius.  The sun has been shining, the breeze has been calm, and the fall leaves are hanging on. Last year at this time, winter was in full force.  Our yard never got cleaned up before the snowContinue reading “What Fall Should Be”

Shopping for Antiques

My husband and I love shopping in antiques shops. Lately, I had been looking for an old drawer/basket/suitcase to hold my cards at the next craft fair I am getting ready for.  There was no shortage of containers, but they were all too small, too big, too round, or too expensive.  Just when I hadContinue reading “Shopping for Antiques”

Weekly Photography Challenge: “Careful”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Careful.” A child’s treasure; a delicate gift.