Mixed Media

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I have thousands of photos (and don’t intend to stop taking more any time soon!), and have been wanting to try something new with them. Starting with a blank canvas, I worked at this piece layer by layer, knowing only the beginning photo IContinue reading “Mixed Media”

Accidental Art

I had just finished painting my daughter’s room a pretty, intense pink that she had chosen. I stood for a moment, admiring the colour and feeling the satisfaction of a job completed. Then, it was time to clean up. As I reached down to pick up the paint can, I noticed this exquisite pattern onContinue reading “Accidental Art”

Shadows in the Morning

It helps to keep your eyes open. Letting the dogs out in the morning, this is the image that greeted me. The sunlight streaming into the room created this brief shadow on the white-painted door. The simple lace curtain was transformed into a work of art. Had I been more distracted, or less awake (orContinue reading “Shadows in the Morning”