Mindfulness Challenge Week 16: Patience

Testing my Patience April is the ultimate test of patience: Shivering in spring jackets, because we can no longer stand to layer ourselves in winter wear; fingers icy because we refuse to wear gloves for even one more day; wiping snow off the car with our sleeves because, frankly, we are fed up. Watching theContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 16: Patience”

Hope Springs

It seems counterintuitive to think of ice as a sign that winter is coming to an end.  But these odd formations have appeared in my backyard, below the eaves of my house.  They are the result of snow melting from the roof.  Although it is still cold enough that it freezes, this gives me some hopeContinue reading “Hope Springs”

Weekly Photography Challenge: “Careful”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Careful.” A child’s treasure; a delicate gift.

Sea Glass Season

If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I have been waiting (impatiently) for the snow to melt.  I have been itching to go to the beach, but until this week there was so much ice and snow that it wouldn’t have been safe, let alone enjoyable. The snow is not completely gone, butContinue reading “Sea Glass Season”

Glass from the Sea

We took a day trip to a nearby beach, one I had not been to before. We soaked up the hot sun, waded out past the sandbars, and wandered along the rocky shoreline. It was a perfect summer afternoon. And I brought home the most amazing amount of sea glass I have ever collected inContinue reading “Glass from the Sea”

Sitting on the Beach

We went to the beach yesterday. My sister and my mother and the kids and I. And they said they found it hard to just sit at the beach, they preferred to walk. While I love to take long walks on the beach (I can never get enough of them in the summer), I canContinue reading “Sitting on the Beach”