One Magical Morning

On Sunday morning, the trees looked like this: We had had freezing rain the day before, and the angle of the sun was lighting up the thousands of tiny frozen drops.  I hadn’t even noticed at first, having had my coffee and done some marking for school.  Then, when I was doing dishes, I lookedContinue reading “One Magical Morning”

Water on My Window

While washing dishes, I noticed the way the sunlight glistened off the melting frost on the window. The dishes could wait. I grabbed my camera and while the dishwater cooled, I captured the light.  Playing around with the focus and the aperture settings, I was able to create an abstract composition of a few drops of water. Even the tiniestContinue reading “Water on My Window”

I Heart Christmas

After a busy few weeks, I finally took my camera out to capture the Christmas decorations around the house.  It is a fun time to use my Lensbaby, and normally it’s the lights on the tree that work best with the creative aperture kit.  When I aimed my camera at this pompom tree, though, IContinue reading “I Heart Christmas”

It’s Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas…

With the snow outside (that we’ve had since the beginning of November, mind), the front porch decorated, and an array of ornaments scattered throughout the house, it’s beginning to feel like Christmas around here. With the stress of gift buying (particularly when the gifts on the lists are impossible to get) – not to mentionContinue reading “It’s Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas…”

A Pretty Accident

I was having a clumsy day. It seemed like everything I picked up, I dropped. Including this glitter. I was picking up my daughter’s craft supplies and accidentally spilled her glitter all over the kitchen floor. My first reaction was to swear. But while I stood there wondering whether to get down and pick upContinue reading “A Pretty Accident”

Little Circles of Light

I love bokeh. Here, amber and gold glitter in the background of the frosted grass. From far, this part of my yard is a mess of weeds and unsuccessful vegetables. Up close, it is a landscape of endless photo possibilities. With my camera in the general direction of the sun, I was able to captureContinue reading “Little Circles of Light”