Craft Fair Angst

In order to sell my photography, I participate in occasional craft fairs and markets. I love prepping for these: selecting and editing photos, printing and pasting to create transfers; making signs and price labels; packing and organizing. Setting up is its own creative process, displaying photos in an appealing way. Even choosing my outfit forContinue reading “Craft Fair Angst”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 1: Focus

In Stitches I had no idea how I was going to start. I’d created this list of themes to help me be more mindful in 2017.  Deliberately abstract, I’d begun to wonder if I’d be able to even come up with a subject for my first photo:  Focus. It had been on my mind forContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 1: Focus”

Create Mindfulness

I’ve fallen away from my photography a little lately, so I’ve been looking for something to spark my creativity in 2017.  There are so many 365 challenges (too ambitious for this teacher), and 52-week themes available, but none were quite what I was looking for. This past summer I began practicing yoga regularly and absolutelyContinue reading “Create Mindfulness”

Through the Window

When it’s cold, I often take pictures of the outside, from the inside. With my zoom lens and some selective positioning, it is possible to create some interesting compositions.  This shrub is actually an odd shape and wouldn’t make great photos standing directly in front of it.  But when looking at it from inside, itContinue reading “Through the Window”

Wonder-ful Web

I don’t like spiders.  At all. In fact, the fact that there is a web here at all gives me the creeps. But, I can’t help to capture it’s delicate lines and the warm light that makes it shine.  I can’t help but appreciate the intricacies of it and feel wonder at what these tinyContinue reading “Wonder-ful Web”

A Strange Beauty

I love finding photos in unexpected places. Like in the dryer. When I took the lint trap out to clean it, I noticed how pretty the colours were.  All these little fuzzies were caught up in a wavy line along the bottom of it, looking very much to me like abstract art. So I grabbedContinue reading “A Strange Beauty”

Patterns and Possibilities

My mother and I visited the yarn shop yesterday. This cozy little shop is stacked to the ceiling with gorgeous balls of yarn. Some of the skeins are so pretty they’re like art. We walked through, feeling the different textures, talking about colours, and imagining finished projects. The creative possibilities are endless.

Knitting Bug

When fall arrives, I get the bug to knit. The colours and textures of all the different yarns entice me. Patterns are possibilities. It is creative and meditative, drawing me into the moment. I love the contrasting feel of the soft yarn and the wooden needles in my hands. Since I can’t sit still withoutContinue reading “Knitting Bug”

Something New

I have a new project: I am going to teach a kids’ photography class. I’ve spent the last couple of days planning, finding a location, and getting materials ready. Making the poster and forms has been fun; I have always loved working on computers, and anything to do with photography makes me happy. It’s theContinue reading “Something New”