Tattooed on My Mind

I have a tendency to pick things apart. As a photographer, this is can be a good quality: attention to detail means I can find a subject for a photo almost anywhere. It’s also useful for my job as a teacher, noticing student mood and behaviour, and for marking their work. This quality makes meContinue reading “Tattooed on My Mind”

Photographing my Favourite Flowers Of all the flowers in the garden centres, these are my favourite:  African daisies (osteospermum).  Yesterday I bought the last two baskets I could find and now they add quiet colour to my front porch. The first thing I did was plant and water them. The second thing I did was photograph them.  🙂

The Flowers of My Childhood

Late yesterday afternoon, I took my camera out in my backyard once again. (It was mostly an excuse to enjoy the hot sun, but I love exploring the wildflowers in my yard, too.) Only when I reviewed my photos this morning did I spot the theme: I seem to have photographed all the flowers ofContinue reading “The Flowers of My Childhood”

For the Weeds

Right now my yard is more weeds than lawn. Scraggly dandelions poke out amid the long grass and occasional thorn (ouch!). Rabbit flowers, as we called them when we were kids, are abundant. The bees are loving my yard right now! It looks terrible. But, first impressions aside, there is beauty there. Happy little daisiesContinue reading “For the Weeds”