Sand and Stones

When winter drags on (and on), I have to get creative to find subjects to photograph.  It will be weeks before the snow melts and we are able to see the sand on the shorelines.  So I lose myself in indoor activities:  reading, knitting, writing, and making pictures. This weekend, I played with sand andContinue reading “Sand and Stones”

A Nutty Visitor While taking photos of the little birds visiting my crab apple tree, I had a surprise visitor join them.  This little squirrel was very cooperative in allowing me to photograph her.  Even when I moved closer, she didn’t appear nervous, and continued in her quest to find a snack.

Flowers for Dancing

My daughter dances. On the weekend, she had a recital that went beautifully. Sparkly green and purple dancers in a birthday party choreography, complete with party hats and wrapped gifts. Now, we have flowers around the house that were given to her after the show. They are her flowers, but my camera and I haveContinue reading “Flowers for Dancing”