Easing Up

Two lanes cut into one, just before the busiest intersection in town. They are doing roadwork, and it seems to be taking forever. As much as possible, I avoid the area. It’s preferable to drive an extra ten minutes around than to sit and crawl along with the backed-up traffic. But the part that madeContinue reading “Easing Up”

Weekly Photography Challenge: Boundaries

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.” A line between the road and the water, a guard between the drive and the drop.  Guard rails provide a boundary to keep us safe, to guide our way.


We were out of town yesterday, purchasing a new vehicle. When we left to return home, it was raining. In a split second, not halfway home, ice pellets were flying at us seemingly from all directions. Minutes later, the ice pellets turned to snow, erasing the road in front of us. There was nowhere toContinue reading “Relief”

On the Road

There is so much to see while driving: the road a crevice in the landscape of trees, the expanse of blue sky above, snaking rivers below. I enjoy the ride as much as the arrival. Music and conversation fill the car. Scenes slip by on either side of the road. The moment I loved theContinue reading “On the Road”