It’s All About Attitude

Covid did a number on classrooms. After three tumultuous school years, there was both excitement and trepidation returning to some sort of normal this year. I had an expectation that my classes would be just like they were pre-pandemic madness. I was wrong. There is a level of anxiety that remains among many. The tollContinue reading “It’s All About Attitude”

A Healing X-perience

Last weekend I took my daughter on a tour of my alma mater; she’s in grade 12 and deciding where she’d like to go for university. I was excited to revisit the place I’d spent four years studying for my first degree. I hadn’t been there in over twenty years and I anticipated the memories.Continue reading “A Healing X-perience”

Stories for Children

As a teacher, the thing I have always loved most was reading stories to the students. I am on leave this year, but have done a few days here and there as a substitute. While I don’t miss the hectic schedule, I always enjoy those few moments when stories come alive. They take us toContinue reading “Stories for Children”