Weekly Photography Challenge: Horizon

I had to do some thinking about this one. My first instinct was to go with a beach photo, where the water meets the sky. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the horizon does not need to be obvious. In this photo, the horizon peeks quietly through the longContinue reading “Weekly Photography Challenge: Horizon”

Seeing Closer

I took a walk down to the river with my camera. At first, I saw only the river. But slowly, I began to notice the smaller details: The leaves floating in the river, the smell of the damp earth, the sound of the birds. With the help of my camera, I could change my focusContinue reading “Seeing Closer”

Rushing River

A visit to the fall with friends… Time to catch up, explore, and enjoy the scenery on a gorgeous fall day. And, time to catch a few shots of the rushing water (with one eye always on the kids so they didn’t get too close!). We are so lucky to be surrounded by so manyContinue reading “Rushing River”

Into the Forest

As the leaves find their way to the earth, bare branches take on a stark beauty. In the woods in my backyard, they reach down like eerie witch fingers. Colours of the trees and leftover leaves behind them are a muted background through my lens. It is spooky but spectacular. It is the perfect HalloweenContinue reading “Into the Forest”

A Sprinkle of Leaves

Fall gives so many picture possibilities. The earth is covered in a carpet of reds and golds; grasses take on muted hues; and branches become stark lines as they lose their leaves. On the boardwalk at a local nature park, leaves were faded by the sun and crushed by many feet. Moved about by windContinue reading “A Sprinkle of Leaves”

The Picture I Didn’t Take

I take my iPhone with me on walks. This is so I am reachable in case the school needs to contact me, but it is also so that I can capture a few shots while I walk. This time, I photographed the road, the trees, the berries. It was a beautiful day. Almost home, aContinue reading “The Picture I Didn’t Take”

Two Trees

There is a tree in our yard. Two trees, in fact. They grow together, wrapping their roots around each other and tricking the eye into thinking they are one tree until closer inspection. They are two kinds of crab apples, their trunks so close they are like one. Every season, they produce a new kindContinue reading “Two Trees”

Petals turned Pink

Not only the leaves change colours in early fall. Each time I walk out the front door, I am greeted by pretty pink hydrangea. The cooler weather has turned their pale petals to a soft pink. My mother cuts these and keeps them throughout the winter. I have planted some of my own so thatContinue reading “Petals turned Pink”

Weekly Photography Challenge: Saturated

What better subject to represent saturation than the changing leaves in the fall? Maple leaves in Atlantic Canada, turned crimson at the end of a season. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/photo-challenge-saturated/

The Sun on my Shoulders

This summer has been short. There have been days when it has felt more like fall, and days when the rain seemed it would never stop. But this afternoon, the sun is warming my shoulders in my backyard. I want to take this feeling with me into fall, to warm me on crisp mornings. IContinue reading “The Sun on my Shoulders”