This Thanksgiving, I am grateful… For a drive through the mountains of northern NB, covered with trees green and gold. For heavy rain on a misty lake. For a potluck turkey dinner with family crowded into a camp. For a walk in the woods, breathing in the earthy scent of fall. For making memories withContinue reading “Thanksgiving”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 11: Balance

Balancing Act My daughter wanted to do a photo shoot with her American Girl Doll, Rosie.  In one of the shots, the doll is literally balanced on a bicycle. Life and parenting are a lot about balance:  Time spent between work and family, between taking care of the house and taking care of the children,Continue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 11: Balance”

Puzzles and Games

Dawn Blanchard Photography A summer night at the cottage, piecing puzzles and playing Scattegories meant many laughs and memories made. It is a relief to put away the smart phones and the tablets, to talk without texting, to be together without distractions.  It is a relief to know that our children still enjoy the simple things. TheseContinue reading “Puzzles and Games”

We Knit

Yes, this is about knitting again. (For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that knitting pops up every now and again; please bear with me.) But this is a new kind of knitting story. Last night, my children asked me to teach them how to knit. Expecting them to loseContinue reading “We Knit”

An Outdoor Afternoon

It took a bit of convincing to get the kids outside for the afternoon. Crisp and cool, it was a refreshing late fall afternoon, too beautiful to be spent indoors. After much procrastination (kids’) and frustration (Mom’s), they were dressed and out. It took about two minutes for them to start having fun. Instead ofContinue reading “An Outdoor Afternoon”

In the Backyard

An August afternoon in my parents’ backyard is filled with laughter and conversation. We sit below the climbing roses, on the deck my father built. The gardens surrounding us have been planted and tended by my mother. Chickadees swoop over our heads and chipmunks skitter by. These fences hold memories. While Sunday supper warms inContinue reading “In the Backyard”