Mindless Mode

Sometimes all you need… is a little mindlessness. At least, that’s how it turned out for me this week. I practice mindfulness regularly : I journal, meditate, do yoga, try to eat healthy, and remind myself to be in the moment. I read more than I watch tv, enjoy learning new things, and try toContinue reading “Mindless Mode”

Things that made me smile on Mother’s Day

Handmade cards Handwritten coupons for free kisses and quiet time Child-wrapped gifts A blouse that my daughter knew I liked and secretly had her dad take her to buy A camera necklace Sleeping in Heart-shaped eggs Hugs and kisses and spending the day with my son and daughter http://www.dawnblanchardphotography.com

It’s Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas…

With the snow outside (that we’ve had since the beginning of November, mind), the front porch decorated, and an array of ornaments scattered throughout the house, it’s beginning to feel like Christmas around here. With the stress of gift buying (particularly when the gifts on the lists are impossible to get) – not to mentionContinue reading “It’s Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas…”

Ferns (and Family)

Each year my parents arrange a reunion for my father’s family. At a local chalet, aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, children, parents, and my grandfather gather to eat lobster, catch up, and roast marshmallows by the fire. The day wouldn’t be complete without a walk to the river. The trail is bordered by lush green ferns.Continue reading “Ferns (and Family)”

Snow Fun

A knock on the kitchen window takes me away from preparing supper. The kids want me to watch them outside, so I head up to my office for a better view, and grin as they take off running and jump onto sleds. They zip down our backyard hill and tumble off giggling at the bottom.Continue reading “Snow Fun”