Photography Love

This is why I love photography so much, and in particular why I love my macro lens:  I can take something as simple, as old and calcified as a little tap in a greenhouse, and make it pretty. It is what I think of as accidental art, although it’s really not accidental at all.

Lake Glass!

We were walking along the shore of the lake and my son called out to me that he had found sea glass.  I thought for sure it was a jagged piece of glass, leftover from a broken bottle, but in his hand was a softened, sanded piece of “sea” glass.  I could believe it. WhenContinue reading “Lake Glass!”


As I mentioned yesterday, I am a firm believer that art can be found in the most unusual places. My daughter used her own money to buy a makeup kit, and she’s been carrying it around the house for a few days now.  (She’s only allowed to wear it when we aren’t going anywhere.)  WhenContinue reading “Palette”

Rusted and Rotten

Most people wouldn’t get excited about finding a rotten log with rusty nails sticking out. But I do. I see the picture possibilities when I look at something like this.  I see the colours and the textures, the lines and the shapes, the combination of materials that makes for a great composition.  I see the storyContinue reading “Rusted and Rotten”

Art Everywhere

While working at one of the schools today, the custodian stopped to have a chat. She pointed out the glimmering floors that she had just waxed in the library, and I immediately noticed the beautiful reflections and interesting composition for a photo. I took this shot with my phone, but found myself wishing for myContinue reading “Art Everywhere”