Like Purple Pompoms

I had fun photographing these alliums last night. They’re bright purple is a pop of colour in front of our garage, and their pompom shape appeals to my inner child. Stay tuned for more flower pictures (after a bit of an unplanned blog hiatus)…  The garden is in bloom!

A Strange Life

I received a flower bulb in a box for Christmas, and finally found the time to take it out and plant it.  I was looking forward to a fresh spring amaryllis amid these dark winter days. So imagine my surprise when I opened the box and it had already grown. The bulb had sprouted a flowerContinue reading “A Strange Life”

Nature’s Art

I bought this tea cup-shaped planter at a garden centre.   Theoretically, it was meant to be used outside. But the coating soon started to flake. I nearly threw it out once or twice, annoyed that I had paid money for something that didn’t last even one summer. Instead, I took a closer look at it andContinue reading “Nature’s Art”

End of Summer Garden

Speaking of whimsical… I don’t know why I love things that curl, but I get a kick out of these curly grasses that show up in my wildflower (read:  “weed”) garden in late summer. And speaking of summer, it’s the last day of.  It is the end of the season I love. Until next year.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Silhouette

I wasn’t quite sure what photo I would submit for the challenge this week.  Then, I was at my parents’ place and noticed this metal garden decoration in their backyard.  Here is the silhouette photo that I made yesterday:  

Flowers on the Table

Same flowers, different spot. These are the flowers I bought at the beginning of the summer.  They had been sitting in a pot on the floor of my front porch until I brought this antique table outside.  Walking by with my camera, I noticed the colour of the table complemented the flowers, and I imaginedContinue reading “Flowers on the Table”

A New Leaf

Last year, my garden was a disaster. After tilling, making neat rows, planting beans and carrots and corn, it seemed I grew nothing but weeds. I was so discouraged, I swore I’d never do another. But here I am, one year later, and I can’t resist. Only this time, I’ve tackled a much smaller garden.Continue reading “A New Leaf”

Dried Roses

You would think I would learn my lesson. I have bought these miniature roses several times; they’re just too pretty to resist. Every time, they last about two weeks then they dry up and die. As I was watering my plants, I was disappointed to find that my roses had perished. Then I took aContinue reading “Dried Roses”