Photographing my Favourite Flowers Of all the flowers in the garden centres, these are my favourite:  African daisies (osteospermum).  Yesterday I bought the last two baskets I could find and now they add quiet colour to my front porch. The first thing I did was plant and water them. The second thing I did was photograph them.  🙂

A Strange Life

I received a flower bulb in a box for Christmas, and finally found the time to take it out and plant it.  I was looking forward to a fresh spring amaryllis amid these dark winter days. So imagine my surprise when I opened the box and it had already grown. The bulb had sprouted a flowerContinue reading “A Strange Life”

From my Garden

A first success from my garden: radishes. It would seem that gardening on a smaller scale (you were right, Mom) is a much more manageable task. I’ve kept it watered and weeded, and there is actually stuff growing in there – unlike the jungle I created last year! Radishes today, and more to come…

Petals turned Pink

Not only the leaves change colours in early fall. Each time I walk out the front door, I am greeted by pretty pink hydrangea. The cooler weather has turned their pale petals to a soft pink. My mother cuts these and keeps them throughout the winter. I have planted some of my own so thatContinue reading “Petals turned Pink”

A Moment of Clarity

I want to believe I am a gardener. But my flower-patterned rubber boots and puncture-proof gloves were no match for the invasion of thorns and dandelions and other unnamed monstrous offenders. The weeds have taken over. The few vegetables that found room to grow were tiny and bug-eaten. Only the potatoes have been victorious. ThisContinue reading “A Moment of Clarity”

One Flower

I thought I had killed it. This beautiful flower I had bought to brighten my garden. I thought I had killed it with neglect. I forgot to water it, deadhead it, give it sunlight. I bought the pot, set it out, and forgot about it. I was beginning to think I truly had a blackContinue reading “One Flower”

For the Weeds

Right now my yard is more weeds than lawn. Scraggly dandelions poke out amid the long grass and occasional thorn (ouch!). Rabbit flowers, as we called them when we were kids, are abundant. The bees are loving my yard right now! It looks terrible. But, first impressions aside, there is beauty there. Happy little daisiesContinue reading “For the Weeds”

Saving Plants

In between the rain and the thunder, I was able to do a little gardening. There were plants that needed saving. I bought them with good intentions, but it was either too hot, too wet, or there were too many bugs to plant them. Now, they are safely inside a pot on my front porch.Continue reading “Saving Plants”