Maybe because it’s such a late spring, I seem to be even more enthralled with the appearance of leaves than usual. I mean, it happens every year, right? But this year, I just can’t stop looking at this changing season: the gradual filling out of trees, the green grass replacing golden fields, and the occasionalContinue reading “Colour”

Mmmm… Coffee

Waking up is better with coffee. I set my alarm each morning, early, so I can get up ahead of everyone and have my quiet cup. Taking that first sip starts my day on a happy note. I savour it so long, I usually have to reheat it in the microwave several times before it’sContinue reading “Mmmm… Coffee”

Enjoying the Evening

A respite from the bugs, a room for conversation, a place for an after-supper cup of tea. This is my screen house. We have enjoyed many moments in it. But a spontaneous cuddle with our children at sundown tops them. The evening breeze, the stars above, and the people I love the most in allContinue reading “Enjoying the Evening”