Enjoying the Evening

A respite from the bugs, a room for conversation, a place for an after-supper cup of tea. This is my screen house. We have enjoyed many moments in it. But a spontaneous cuddle with our children at sundown tops them. The evening breeze, the stars above, and the people I love the most in allContinue reading “Enjoying the Evening”


I set my alarm for 6:00 am, every day. Even in the summer. I do this for a few reasons: To get the most out of my day, to write, and because I love mornings. I especially love quiet mornings, before the kids are up and there are things to do, places to go. IfContinue reading “Morning”

Singing in the Wind

I don’t sing in public. Ever. My kids tell me my singing voice is terrible, and ask me not to sing in the car. But I love to sing, and do it anyway. Just not around anyone outside of my family. Yesterday, while walking on the beach, though, the kids and I broke into song:Continue reading “Singing in the Wind”