Into the Light

I lost myself for awhile. It’s been four years since I last posted. Four years since I felt like myself. But here I am, still standing. Standing stronger and lighter and more filled with love and hope than ever. I didn’t know how much I was in the dark until I climbed back into theContinue reading “Into the Light”

Capturing the Light

A pretty chandelier caught my eye while out shopping with my family.  It was perfect for the master bedroom – glittery glass pendants and shiny, embossed brass. The circular patterns caught my eye first; the shadows cast across my ceiling, second. A simple addition (a sale item, too!) quickly became an unexpected inspiration to capture withContinue reading “Capturing the Light”

Water on My Window

While washing dishes, I noticed the way the sunlight glistened off the melting frost on the window. The dishes could wait. I grabbed my camera and while the dishwater cooled, I captured the light.  Playing around with the focus and the aperture settings, I was able to create an abstract composition of a few drops of water. Even the tiniestContinue reading “Water on My Window”

Strange Light

When I was taking down the Christmas lights, I noticed something strange:  The plastic coating had peeled off at the bottom of the bulbs. At first, I was alarmed.  What if it had caused a fire? But as I took out the bulbs, I quickly realized I had to photograph them.  This is truly accidentalContinue reading “Strange Light”