Into the Light

I lost myself for awhile. It’s been four years since I last posted. Four years since I felt like myself. But here I am, still standing. Standing stronger and lighter and more filled with love and hope than ever. I didn’t know how much I was in the dark until I climbed back into theContinue reading “Into the Light”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 12: Perspective

Salt Photography is all about perspective (as is life). Mundane objects can become surreal art through a macro lens.  Tiny details, normally overlooked, take on new possibilities when studied and appreciated. The morning sun on the kitchen table changes colours, creates reflections, and lights up salt shakers.  Suddenly, salt is art. Salt is also anContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 12: Perspective”

If My Feet could Take Pictures

You wouldn’t think dried grass and weeds would make a great photo. But with my camera level with the ground and selective focus, even a boring patch of nothing can be something. There is beauty everywhere – even below our feet.

Backyard Art

The petals have fallen off these Japanese anemones in my backyard, but they have these wonderful pompom-like centers that spike out from their stems. I love flowers, in all their stages.

Flowers on the Table

Same flowers, different spot. These are the flowers I bought at the beginning of the summer.  They had been sitting in a pot on the floor of my front porch until I brought this antique table outside.  Walking by with my camera, I noticed the colour of the table complemented the flowers, and I imaginedContinue reading “Flowers on the Table”