Into the Woods

Some days my son disappears into the woods. Armed with nothing but his imagination and sense of adventure, he heads into the woods behind my parents’ house, often with his cousins and friends.  He’s done this on gorgeous summer days, drizzly evenings, and crisp snowy mornings. I’m never exactly sure what he does there, norContinue reading “Into the Woods”

Abstract in the Woods

Below the trees, where the light barely reaches, the melted snow had created a small pond.  Part ice and part water, the trees reflected here and there. It is a natural abstract.

Weekly Photography Challenge: (Gentle) Forces of Nature

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Forces of Nature.” Despite a relentless winter, nature forces on.  Its ferociousness in winter finally gives way to its gentle blossoming of spring.

Tiny Acorn

Maybe it takes a child to find an acorn, but I haven’t seen one since I was young. We used to go to a cottage in Madran, NB, when I was growing up. Behind the cottage was a woodsy trail. I remember the delight in finding acorns and hazelnuts there. (If memory serves me.) Now,Continue reading “Tiny Acorn”


My father found this branch in his yard. Covered in odd, ruffled mushrooms, it makes an unusual subject for my photography. He knew I’d love it. My ten-year old son carefully held the branch all the way home, so as not to destroy these strange life forms. These are a few of the photos IContinue reading “Fungi”

A Frosty Morning

It was a frosty morning. Rain fell most of yesterday, and overnight it froze. When I sat down to eat my breakfast this morning, I noticed these frost patterns on the patio table. I ate as quickly as I could, grabbed my camera, and stepped out to capture some frosty photos before the sun roseContinue reading “A Frosty Morning”

An Outdoor Afternoon

It took a bit of convincing to get the kids outside for the afternoon. Crisp and cool, it was a refreshing late fall afternoon, too beautiful to be spent indoors. After much procrastination (kids’) and frustration (Mom’s), they were dressed and out. It took about two minutes for them to start having fun. Instead ofContinue reading “An Outdoor Afternoon”

Hunting Season

You’d think, living in Northern New Brunswick, that I’d been hunting before. It was not something we ever did growing up, though, and as an adult I’ve avoided it because of the “ew” factor. A few years ago, my husband decided to try it. I, however, had no interest in it whatsoever. I did notContinue reading “Hunting Season”