A Healing X-perience

Last weekend I took my daughter on a tour of my alma mater; she’s in grade 12 and deciding where she’d like to go for university. I was excited to revisit the place I’d spent four years studying for my first degree. I hadn’t been there in over twenty years and I anticipated the memories.Continue reading “A Healing X-perience”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 14: Connection

Connecting the Years In my daughter’s collection of doll clothes are a few items kept from my childhood. This tiny embroidered dress is one of them; I can clearly remember dressing my own dolls in it when I was her age. I’m happy I kept it.  It somehow connects her childhood with mine, the yearsContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 14: Connection”

Baby Blanket

This blanket appeared in the laundry after my daughter had cleaned her room. There are memories tucked inside this blanket. As I folded it, I was brought back eight and ten years ago, when my children were tiny babies wrapped in its folds. How is it possible that these years have passed so quickly? SurelyContinue reading “Baby Blanket”


Since we’ve been in the process of planning our Disney trip, it has been inevitable that we talk about our first one. So my sisters, our children, and our parents sat around and watched a slide show of our trip almost thirty years ago. (A slide show, to the kids’ fascination, that did not involveContinue reading “Nostalgia”

Making Lemonade

Is there anything so nostalgic as a lemonade stand? My daughter had been absolutely determined to have one. She made the sign, found the perfect lemon at the grocery store, even packed ice in a lunch box. With the round kiddie table from my childhood and a couple of wooden chairs, she and her brotherContinue reading “Making Lemonade”

Nostalgic Organization

Tackling the dusty boxes in the basement was not my idea of a good time. Two days later, though, and it’s a task I appreciate having completed. Four garbage bags, 6 empty boxes, 3 bags of recycling, and 3 bags to give away. At times tedious and seemingly never-ending, it is now done. An unexpectedContinue reading “Nostalgic Organization”