Accidental Art

I had just finished painting my daughter’s room a pretty, intense pink that she had chosen. I stood for a moment, admiring the colour and feeling the satisfaction of a job completed. Then, it was time to clean up. As I reached down to pick up the paint can, I noticed this exquisite pattern onContinue reading “Accidental Art”

Painted Grass

I’ve been painting in the grass. It saves clean up (it’s due to be mown, anyway), and gives me a large, airy space to work. The effect is frost-like coating on the grass. From far, it is an odd circle of light. Up close, it is an ethereal art. I capture a few shots beforeContinue reading “Painted Grass”

Painting Fences

It’s messy, time-consuming, and hard on the back, knees, and wrist, but I love to paint. I’ve been working on staining all the decking, pergolas, and screen house in our yard this summer. Seeing the progress makes it such a satisfying job. Not to mention anticipating how great everything will look when I’m done. BestContinue reading “Painting Fences”