Mindfulness Challenge Week 9: Touch

The Things We Touch Every day we put on clothes, we pick things up, we cook, we slide our fingers across our keyboards and our phones – mindlessly.  And yet, in each of these is a touch, a texture, a temperature.  The fabric we wear is stretchy, silky, or soft; the dishes are cool andContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 9: Touch”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 8: Possibility

Projects New yarn, craft supplies, patterns… These are the materials that become the projects that become the process that become the product. This is possibility. Possibility is creativity and potential.  It is a motivator and a series of choices.  Possibility is positive thinking, expectation, and hope.  It propels us forward. Possibility is inspiration. #createmindfulness2017

Mindfulness Challenge Week 8: Simplicity

This is Simplicity This photo was taken a number of years ago.  Rather than making a new one, I chose to use this one as it represents simplicity to me on many levels. I’ve always taken pictures, but this is one of the first photos I took with my DSLR.  Even though the camera becameContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 8: Simplicity”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 4: Happiness

I am a High School English Teacher There are many things I could have chosen for this week’s theme, so many things that make me happy.  But what stands out for me right now is that after many years of being in not-quite-right jobs, I am in the right job for me.  This is theContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 4: Happiness”

Mindfulness Challenge Week 2: Gratitude

Coming Home There are so many things I am grateful for:  being surrounded by family and friends; having finally settled into a job that I love; a yoga practice that enriches and strengthens me; books that let me slip away; and little things like coffee and chocolate…  But when I started thinking about what IContinue reading “Mindfulness Challenge Week 2: Gratitude”

Weekly Photography Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.” One foggy morning, I find that spiders have been at work through the night.  There are webs in every corner: spun on my clothesline, strung across the deck boards, and clinging to leaves of every sort. The only thing to do is get my camera.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Boundaries

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.” A line between the road and the water, a guard between the drive and the drop.  Guard rails provide a boundary to keep us safe, to guide our way.