Now that I’m feeling like myself again, it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. So many hobbies, so little time. I want to read and knit and write and learn. I want to organize my desk and decorate for fall. I want to photograph and craft. I’m better when I’m busy, butContinue reading “Paradox”

Six Books and Some Quiet, Too

I brought the kids to the library yesterday, for the first time in forever. It was worth the wait. I’d often thought of bringing them over the past few years, but their ages meant that I’d either spend the entire time shushing them, or I wouldn’t have a minute to look for books myself. ThisContinue reading “Six Books and Some Quiet, Too”

I <3 Books

I stopped at the secondhand store to pick up materials for my mixed media project. There is something nostalgic and charming about old books. I spend most of my time picking up hardcover books, opening the flaps, and looking for interesting covers. I was not disappointed. The colours and patterns were artfully aged. The pagesContinue reading “I ❤ Books”


I’m a teacher, but now I’m also a librarian. I took a leave of absence a year ago, and have been doing some casual work since. Until recently, I was only on the substitute list for teaching. But I also have experience with office work (so I asked to be added to the admin. assistantContinue reading “Librarian”

This Book

I am absolutely captivated by Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, The Signature of All Things. It required a real effort to tear myself away from it to get some house cleaning done, but I managed it (all the while thinking of the book). My kids have been playing together fabulously for the weekend, allowing me manyContinue reading “This Book”

Stories for Children

As a teacher, the thing I have always loved most was reading stories to the students. I am on leave this year, but have done a few days here and there as a substitute. While I don’t miss the hectic schedule, I always enjoy those few moments when stories come alive. They take us toContinue reading “Stories for Children”

Not at Bedtime Stories

I’ve never much been one for bedtime stories. By the time bedtime arrived, especially when my kids were small, reading a book was more of a chore than a sweet nighttime routine. I was always exhausted and as ready for bed as they were. Besides, reading books in our house always meant questions. My childrenContinue reading “Not at Bedtime Stories”

Glossy Pages

There is something about a new magazine, pages all glossy and unread, that I just love. I start by flipping cover to cover, page by page. Then I go back and read each article while I sit with my coffee. Some are better than others. But even when they are shallow and fairly useless, IContinue reading “Glossy Pages”