View Master

I have a bin with old cameras, lenses, and filters.  I only sort of knew what was in there, having been given a few over the years, and never having had a close look at some of the smaller items. Yesterday, while trying to find my Gorillapod, I started opening the cases to see whatContinue reading “View Master”

One Thing Leads to Another

I have a small collection of vintage cameras, one of which is this art deco Kodak Bantam Special: I started off photographing it as is, admiring its cool retro style. Then I decided to open it up – I wasn’t sure if I ever had – and see what I could capture of the lensContinue reading “One Thing Leads to Another”

A Pink Bicycle

My daughter has a really sweet pink, retro-style bicycle. As I was sitting in the camper on a rainy afternoon, I looked out at it and realized it could make for some fun photos. So I crouched under the canopy with my camera and made a few compositions. Although I did also take some withContinue reading “A Pink Bicycle”

Weekly Photography Challenge: Object

Blue typewriter, found at a yard sale by my mother-in-law many years past. How many stories were tapped out on its keys? I love its retro colour and its potential for fun photo compositions.