One Thing Leads to Another

I have a small collection of vintage cameras, one of which is this art deco Kodak Bantam Special: I started off photographing it as is, admiring its cool retro style. Then I decided to open it up – I wasn’t sure if I ever had – and see what I could capture of the lensContinue reading “One Thing Leads to Another”

Supermarket Bouquet

When the months get colder and the snow has covered summer’s garden, I shop for inspiration. Inexpensive supermarket flowers make for many photos.  I could not stop taking pictures of this pretty bouquet that I picked up the other day. They didn’t look like much, stuck in a vase.  Some of the petals were curledContinue reading “Supermarket Bouquet”

Flowers in the Dark

I bought some new house plants to replace the ones I’d killed. Even though I know it probably will not last (if previous purchases of mini roses is any indication), I could not resist these roses. They are the colour of coral, a splash of colour in this beige season. Besides, they make a greatContinue reading “Flowers in the Dark”

In the Backyard

An August afternoon in my parents’ backyard is filled with laughter and conversation. We sit below the climbing roses, on the deck my father built. The gardens surrounding us have been planted and tended by my mother. Chickadees swoop over our heads and chipmunks skitter by. These fences hold memories. While Sunday supper warms inContinue reading “In the Backyard”