Shopping for Antiques

My husband and I love shopping in antiques shops. Lately, I had been looking for an old drawer/basket/suitcase to hold my cards at the next craft fair I am getting ready for.  There was no shortage of containers, but they were all too small, too big, too round, or too expensive.  Just when I hadContinue reading “Shopping for Antiques”

Parrot Bay

My husband, my sister, and I enjoyed a morning walk along the leaf-covered trails at Parrot Bay Conservation Area. The trails were entirely blanketed with golden leaves and pine needles.  Blue jays swooped past us (too quickly to capture), ducks and geese squawked at us from the water, and tiny chipmunks skittered by. Only one creature paused longContinue reading “Parrot Bay”

Weekly Photography Challenge: “Careful”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Careful.” A child’s treasure; a delicate gift.

Two Tin Tubes

At the bottom of the steep hill that is Fort Henry, there are random (to me, anyway) construction items resting on the grass. These two warped and rusted culverts may have been used at some time; to me, they were a photo opportunity.

Eagle Bridge

This short bridge near the Royal Military College in Kingston turned out to be a great spot for photos. This leaf, fallen from a sumac, is a beautiful fall detail against the lines of the bridge.  Once again I was drawn to the contrast of the two items, only here it was texture rather than colourContinue reading “Eagle Bridge”

Red and Rocks

I could not resist photographing this little composition of contrasts. The vibrant scarlet against the almost monochromatic background; the fuzzy-soft flower on the rock-hard bridge; living against un-living…  This is the was I found it. Art, everywhere.

Weekly Photography Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.” One foggy morning, I find that spiders have been at work through the night.  There are webs in every corner: spun on my clothesline, strung across the deck boards, and clinging to leaves of every sort. The only thing to do is get my camera.