Weekly Photography Challenge: Let There Be Light!

Natural light, natural reflections of light: My neglected garden under a November sun. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/11/29/photo-challenge-lights/#more-61860

September Sun

Summer will soon be a memory. So when that summer sun spills through in September, I stop and let its heat soak through me. In September, when the leaves are beginning to turn and the mornings are crisp, hot summer afternoons are a welcome gift.

Sand Trails

The tide was out when we arrived at the beach. Sand bars like smooth islands shone in the sunlight, speckled by seagulls and seashells. The water was a mirror for the shoreline. It was morning and the beach was almost empty, so few footprints interrupted the patterns made by the tide. Ripples, salt lines, pebbles,Continue reading “Sand Trails”

The Light was Gold

It rained and it rained and it rained. A dreary, wet, dark day. Certainly not my idea of summer. But just before dusk, the sun found a way through the clouds and turned the light gold. For a minute, I stood with my children and just looked at the light.

Shadows in the Morning

It helps to keep your eyes open. Letting the dogs out in the morning, this is the image that greeted me. The sunlight streaming into the room created this brief shadow on the white-painted door. The simple lace curtain was transformed into a work of art. Had I been more distracted, or less awake (orContinue reading “Shadows in the Morning”