Wildflowers, or Weeds?

No sooner had I decided to change my blog name to Wildflowers & Wings when this happened: My backyard neighbour asked if I could keep my weeds to myself. I live in a subdivision, houses on all sides of me, but my backyard is relatively spacious. Because it’s a lot of work, and because I’dContinue reading “Wildflowers, or Weeds?”

Wildflowers & Wings

My blog was having an identity crisis. A photography blog. A life blog. A blog called “In a Snap” didn’t make so much sense to me anymore. What I really wanted to write about was how my life has changed. How my struggles strengthened me. How I found yoga and meditation and mindfulness. How writingContinue reading “Wildflowers & Wings”

In the Mess of Weeds

 I can always find something to photograph in the mess of weeds at the side of my yard. On first glance, most people would want to mow it over.  But it is my favourite spot in my yard to take my camera.  The lines and textures of the random plants growing there make for endlessContinue reading “In the Mess of Weeds”

End of Summer Garden

Speaking of whimsical… I don’t know why I love things that curl, but I get a kick out of these curly grasses that show up in my wildflower (read:  “weed”) garden in late summer. And speaking of summer, it’s the last day of.  It is the end of the season I love. Until next year.

A Summer Bouquet

This faded bouquet is a metaphor for our summer.  It is a memory of lush gardens and the hot summer sun.  There is still some life left to our summer, but it is wilting before our very eyes.  Mornings are already cooler, days shorter.  There is a freshness to the air that reminds us thatContinue reading “A Summer Bouquet”

Late Bloomers

Early this summer, I scattered some wildflowers seeds. Pretty, low-maintenance, and simple. Or so I thought. I waited all summer for those seeds to grow. Plenty of grass and weeds grew, but no wildflowers. My vision of a wildflower garden faded. It is now October. So imagine my surprise when I spotted these tiny flowersContinue reading “Late Bloomers”