Time for Tea

I’ve recently stopped drinking coffee. It’s an experiment to see if that is what has been making my stomach unhappy. But this is no happy experiment. This summer I replaced my afternoon cup with green tea. I had been eating chocolate every day with my coffee and my pants were getting snug, so it wasContinue reading “Time for Tea”

Easing Up

Two lanes cut into one, just before the busiest intersection in town. They are doing roadwork, and it seems to be taking forever. As much as possible, I avoid the area. It’s preferable to drive an extra ten minutes around than to sit and crawl along with the backed-up traffic. But the part that madeContinue reading “Easing Up”


Now that I’m feeling like myself again, it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. So many hobbies, so little time. I want to read and knit and write and learn. I want to organize my desk and decorate for fall. I want to photograph and craft. I’m better when I’m busy, butContinue reading “Paradox”

At my Computer

Many writing articles advise getting away from your computer to write. I even watched a movie recently (“I Capture the Castle” – which I loved, by the way) that suggested writing needed to take place away from the computer screen. I do this, sometimes.  In journals, notebooks, scraps of paper or  corners of napkins.  ButContinue reading “At my Computer”

The Randomness of Life (In a Journal)

You would think, that since I am so focused on moments and little details, that the idea for my journal would have come easier. But it took me three months. This beautiful custom journal that my husband had made for me for my fortieth birthday has waited for words for three months. I made myContinue reading “The Randomness of Life (In a Journal)”

List Maker

I love to make lists. Apparently, I always have, because I found this in that old binder, too. It organizes my day, my life in tasks. Motivates me to get things done. Inspires me to create. It is a visual reminder of what I would like to do and what I have done. Finding thisContinue reading “List Maker”

Weekly Photography Challenge: Object

Blue typewriter, found at a yard sale by my mother-in-law many years past. How many stories were tapped out on its keys? I love its retro colour and its potential for fun photo compositions. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/photo-challenge-object/#more-68154

Weekly Photography Challenge: Good Morning

I just snapped this photo for this week’s photo challenge… Every morning, before the kids are up, I sit at my computer with my coffee. It is my quiet way to start the day. I check the weather, my emails, and yes, Facebook. It is also when I write my blog, and work on otherContinue reading “Weekly Photography Challenge: Good Morning”

Where my Writing Lives

This is where my stories and poems live. I create them on the computer, but I keep them in a notebook. In black ink, I hand-write each one, then place the journal on my shelf with all my other books. This way, I can’t lose them with a computer breakdown or a lost USB. TheyContinue reading “Where my Writing Lives”